KW In The Media Draft #1


Messenger: Shot by a white colleague, black St. Louis officer speaks out about department divided by race

In Qualified Immunity Ruling Examining Officers’ Actions at Protest, 8th Circ. Denies Dismissal Bid

Federal prosecutor’s attempt to connect Michael Avery to violence makes judge laugh

A 2-Year-Old Peed in a Park; Ferguson Police Arrested Both Parents. Now They’re Suing

Dow Boyer’s attorney’s attempt to set aside case

The Jaco Report – Growing hate and trauma are new realities for area immigrants under Trump

STL public radio

Daily Journal online. Deportation stopped minutes before flight sends Dow Boyer home

Kbia. There Is A Lot Of Distress’: Local Iranian Americans Discuss Tense International Moment

ESPN: From fear to freedom: The soccer journey of Saadiq Mohammed

Riverfront times – stlverdict

STL American – stlverdict

IN STL project


CONNECTION INTERUPted, jk the immigrant’s story

NEXT STL: The royal political wite

NYT I Prosecuted Terrorists for President Bush. Now My Family in Iran May Be Banned From Visiting.


From fear to freedom: The soccer journey of Saadiq Mohammed


Riverfront Times: St. Louis Judge Dismisses Charges Against Rev. Darryl Gray

St. Louis Public Radio: In ‘Kettling’ Case, 8th Circuit Rules Against St. Louis — Again

Riverfront Times: St. Louis City Counselor Faces Mounting Criticism

Riverfront Times: Hartmann: Why Is the City Throwing Down for Bad Cops?

Missouri Independent: St. Louis Tries to Block Lawsuit Against Police Officers from Going to Trial

Riverfront Times: Rev. Darryl Gray Wins Right to Jury Trial in 4-Year-Old Police Abuse Case

Riverfront Times: ‘Some of the Officers Are Criminals,’ Says Attorney in Police Protest Case

St. Louis Public Radio: Analysis: Prosecutors Retrying 2 St. Louis Cops Face Tough Road to Conviction

Riverfront Times: What the Verdict in the Luther Hall Beating Means for ‘Kettled’ Protesters

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Federal Lawsuit Says St. Louis Man Beaten While Handcuffed by Breckenridge Hills Police

Riverfront Times: The Exhausting Prosecution of the Rev. Darryl Gray

St. Louis American: Federal Prosecutor’s Attempt to Connect Michael Avery to Violence Makes Judge Laugh

St. Louis American: Feds Dismiss Incitement Charge Against Michael Avery

St. Louis American: Case against Michael Avery Revealed More About City’s Bike Cops

St. Louis American: Federal Court Takes Away Police ‘Terror’ Tool in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis Project: A Systemic Change

Washington University in St. Louis Project: Everyday People Can Speak Up

St. Louis Public Radio: Local Father, Attorney Speak Out About a Ferguson Officer’s History of Abusive Policing

St. Louis Public Radio: Legal Roundtable Tackles ‘Kettling’ Arrests, Twitter Controversy, More

Riverfront Times: Nearly 350 St. Louis Cops Named in Class Action Suit 2 Years After Police ‘Kettle’

 Washington University In St. Louis Project: Story of Change, Chapter 2: ‘Policy Had a Hand in All of This’


Known for his expertise in immigration and civil rights, Javad is a frequent presenter at events sponsored by: Washington University School of Law,  Washington University Brown School of Social Work, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Jewish Community Center, League of Women Voters, St. Louis University, Downtown TRex, and the Missouri Bar Association.  Presentation topics include:

  • Immigration in the Trump Era
  • Immigration: 101
  • Realties for students under new immigration administration
  • Closing the immigration gap with technology
  • Advocacy with police and Immigration authorities (with mica)
  • Civil rights, police brutality, and qualified immunity


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Muslim Man’s Civil Rights Lawsuit Points to Islamophobic Facebook Posts of Jailer

WU School of Law: Javad Khazaeli, JD ’02 Discusses His Work In Ferguson

Riverfront Times: Former St. Louis Cop William Olsten Now Facing Even More Felony Charges

Riverfront Times: Ferguson Again Sued Over Actions of Officer Eddie Boyd The Jaco Report, Ep. 26: Growing Hate and Trauma are New Realities for Area Immigrants Under Trump

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Messenger: Shot by a White Colleague Black St. Louis Officer Speaks Out About Department Divided by Race

Riverfront Times: A 2-Year-Old Peed in a Park; Ferguson Police Arrested Both Parents. Now They’re Suing

Riverfront Times: Will Feds Indict More St. Louis Cops For Abusing Jason Stockley Protesters?

St. Louis American: Six New Suits Allege Oolice Brutality, Now-Chief Hayden was Protest Scene Commander on Night in Question

Riverfront Times: Pastor, Journalist Latest to Sue St. Louis Cops for Stockley Protest Response

St. Louis American: Alderwoman Megan Green Sues City for Police Retaliation During Stockley Verdict Protests, Says Better First Amendment Policy is Needed

Riverfront Times: St. Louis Alderwoman Sues Over ‘Indiscriminate’ Police Teargassing

St. Louis American: St. Louis City Police Sued over Kettling Arrests During Stockley Protests, ArchCity Defenders and Khazaeli Wyrsch File 12 Suits

Riverfront Times: Charges Dropped for Protesters Arrested Outside Home of Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce

Riverfront Times: Lawsuit Details Police Brutality, Evidence Tampering in March 2015 Arrest of Ferguson Protesters