Kenia Oropeza

Kenia began working with KW in April 2022. Her roles include handling legal paperwork, in-person translation, and client-intake. As someone whose first language was not English, Kenia is familiar with and understands what it is like to be unable to express oneself. Her favorite part about KW is bridging the communication gap as a translator and helping them to feel understood.

Kenia is a native of Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish and English, which has helped her in her professional development. She began in the healthcare industry before moving into law.

Kenia has spent the majority of her life in St. Louis. She enjoys socializing, exploring new places, and partaking in outdoor activities. She always looks forward to cooking, spending time with her daughter and family, and binge-watching crime shows.


St. Louis Community College- Legal Studies (2019-2021)

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.